ENTRYPASS N-mini 2 | เครื่องพิมพ์บัตรพลาสติก ระบบควบคุมการเข้าออก บัตรสมาร์ทการ์ด HID Global | บ. วัลแคน เทคโนโลยี จำกัด


Active Network Intergrated Reader Controller


Sleek in design and innovative in function, the EntryPass Networked MiNi-2 (n-MiNi2) out-performs many of its rivals in the same class. 


The n-MiNi2 is the next generation, high-reliability, high-efficiency and fully integrated dual applications controller with integrated reader, display and keypad targeted for various physical access control deployment with a card capacity of 30,000 users and 80,000 event memory.

Spec list: 
Dynamic Storage Allocation (DSA) Dual Operation Mode (DOM) Secured Network Connectivity Active Event Transmission Peer-To-Peer Global Antipassback Built-In Web Configuration Page
The device has been engineered with dual operational modes for intelligent physical access control that allows fast authentication and dependency of online server; and a time clock which reduced the cost of implementation that conventionally required 2 devices to achieve. With a touch of a button on the device, user may switch the operational mode freely when they see fit.
Made to endure tough aspects of the environment like dust, moisture and water, it embodies a fast touch-enabled keypad and was designed to minimize wear and tear with a unique scratch-resistant layer.
Usage list: 
  • Reader Output Control
  • Multi-Bits / Proprietary Format
  • Door Interlocking *
  • Configurable Input
  • Firmware Upgrade Over Ethernet
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Hardware Description
MCU 32bits @ 60MHz
MEMORY 256K Flash Memory

32K SRAM (Buffer)


128Mbits (expandable to 192Mbits)
Card Us 30,000
Transaction Event 80,000
Digital/Supervise Inputs Max. 4, User configurable (through DRB)
Digital Output Max. 2 Class-C Dry contact Relay 
Onboard RTC Yes 
Serial Communication Port 3 - RS232/RS485 User Configurable 
Ethernet Port 1 - RJ45 10/100mbps Self-Negotiate with surge protection 
Power Protection Resettable Fuse - 2.5A 
Surge Protection (Comm/DI) TVS - Up to 15KVA 
Onboard LED Control Power / Communication / LAN / Event
Onboard Buzzer 1
Onboard Reader 1 - EM-PROX / MIFARE / HID iCLASS / HID CEPAS / NFC 
3rd Party Reader 1 - Support Wiegand Format (26 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 37bits) 
Multi-Bits Card Format 5 Sets 
AC Fail Monitoring Yes (through DRB)
Battery Monitoring Yes, Firmware threshold control to shutdown control panel
External Short Circuit Protection At Readers
Address DIP Switch 5 Bits (Applicable to serial communication based control panels only)
Backup Battery Yes, Apply to RTC only